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Tengan Rei screens in Tokyo, Osaka, Philadelphia – Homesick Blues at Chicago art party ELEVATE tonight 9/19

Mon Oct 26 at Philadelphia’s Roxy Theatre
Benefit screening for the revived Antioch College
Presented by the Philadelphia Chapter of the Antioch College Alumni Association

Sat Nov 7 at the Tokyo Center for the Advancement of Working Women
Press screening sponsored by Asahi ELLES Inc.

Sat Nov 21-Sat Nov 28 at Cine Nouveau in Osaka (twice a day all week)
See translated site.

Watch out for news of the Tengan Rei DVD release, and Colorado screenings, plus more news from Japan!

Our short film Homesick Blues screens Sept. 19 in ELEVATE, a multimedia art exhibition I’m cocurating with [prak-sis] Contemporary Art Association. Tengan Rei cinematographer Stephen Combs’s Okinawa Postcard, which he shot during our Okinawan production, will premiere at ELEVATE, which features many outdoor and indoor videos, bands, artists, performers and DJ’s.

Sat Sept 19, 7 p.m.-2 a.m.
1513 N. Western, Chicago